It started as a peace keeping effort

Meals on Wheels originated in Great Britain in 1939 during World War II. Although all records have been lost, one report claims the meals were delivered in wheelbarrows and were covered with straw to help keep them hot.  The service came to be known as Meals on Wheels, and the current program of delivering healthy meals to those who need them was born. The program continued as a peace time effort because for seniors and others who may be impaired in their ability to prepare meals for themselves, the bottom line is, it is cheaper to operate a meal delivery program to help keep people healthy in their homes, than it is to place them in institutions. The organization has since spread across the world, and started in Fredericton at St. Paul’s United Church in 1967. The program has expanded immensely since then, and became incorporated in 1979. Meals on Wheels celebrated 50 years of service in Fredericton in 2017. In 2018, to meet the growing demand for our meals, we opened our own kitchen which currently prepares as many as 300 meals a day.

As a not-for-profit, community based organization, Meals on Wheels relies on the support of community-minded organizations and individuals, businesses, and a committed volunteer network to be able to provide regular nutritional support to those who need this type of service. We organize regular fundraising initiatives, and without the monetary donations and volunteer assistance we receive from caring community members, we would not be able to offer meals at a rate that would be affordable to most of our clients.

Meals on Wheels of Fredericton Inc. is a member agency of the United Way/ Centraide (Central N.B.) Inc. As such, we are eligible to apply for financial support for our programs and to receive any donated funds designated for us through the United Way donor option program, which allows donors to specify the agencies they want to receive their donation.