“I am a “shut in” and I wait every day for my daily “ray of  sunshine” which I always get from the friendly volunteers.”

Ms. S ~ Client

“The service is excellent, on time and the people doing it are very kind and friendly. Before Meals on Wheels I had no appetite and was not interested in eating food but so far I have had an excellent introduction to the program and I feel better. The service is perfect, the people who come to the door are friendly and polite.”

Mrs. G ~ Client

“I have volunteered for Meals on Wheels for over 25 years….It is really a great feeling to get to know some of the wonderful clients, and sometimes, to meet their pets!! Some of these people are just so lonesome….they really do not have any or many visitors……I love feeling so appreciated when I deliver the meals….I love hearing their stories, their interests, etc. I hate hearing that they have local relatives that can not find time to visit them!! Delivering for Meals on Wheels does not take a LONG time….you could easily fit, into your schedule , one and a half hours on one day a week or one day every two weeks…..whatever!!! I guarantee you will feel like a better person!!”

Ms. K ~ Volunteer

“I would not be able to do so well without the meals because of a stroke. I would have difficulty preparing meals. Meals on Wheels people that deliver my meals are truly wonderful people.”

Ms. M ~ Client

“I am very fortunate to have such devoted and friendly volunteers, good food and excellent service.”

Mrs. I ~ Client

“Sometimes, the volunteers are the first people I see each day and their friendliness is a great start for me.”

Ms. C ~ Client