We are a not-for-profit organization that relies on volunteer and community support to fulfill our mandate. We deliver meals to our clients 365 days of the year in Fredericton, New Maryland and Hanwell.  Our volunteers deliver up to 300 meals per day, over 250 volunteers served more than 85,000 meals last year. In addition to providing nutrition to sustain the health of a client, a meal delivery by a Meals on Wheels volunteer enables many clients to maintain their independence and remain in their homes. In fact it is considerably less costly to operate a meals on wheels type program that helps keep people healthy in their homes, than it is to keep them in institutions.

As the demand for our services has increased, so have the challenges and costs of providing a reliable, nutritious meal service with limited resources. For this reason, we are appealing to our local business community for support.

We have started a “Business of the Month” fundraising initiative.  This would mean a local company would agree to provide a donation for each service or product they sell during an agreed upon month.  We piloted this initiative with a local business who sell tires. They donated $1.00 for each tire sold during the agreed upon time period.  We are also aware of a business where the owner of a car dealership donated $50.00 for each vehicle sold or leased in the specific month.

What we can offer in return for your generosity is “promotion” through social media and within our network with our weekly emails and bimonthly newsletters. Additionally, we are a well-known community charity with wide community based interest and support.  We would use all resources we have to share within the community the information that you are generously supporting us, and encourage them to patronize your business.

If you feel that the service we provide is worthwhile, we would very much appreciate your support with a commitment to 1 month in which you would donate proceeds from your sales revenue or make a one time donation.  Together we can help ensure that our community continues to be a place we are proud to be a part of.